There isn’t a hospitality establishment that doesn’t have one of Maxxium’s 60 spirits brands on its menu. To help hospitality owners and their bartenders compose, prepare and sell their cocktails, they can personalize and order different types of cocktail cards through Menuez’s Brand Management Platform. And that is much appreciated by the hospitality industry in the Netherlands.

Cocktails are popular

Cocktails are getting more popular among consumers and hospitality operators. Not only because cocktails make it possible to constantly surprise your guests with new flavors. The profit margins on cocktails also make it an interesting addition to the drink’s menu. As the Netherlands slowly embraces the cocktail culture, guests are increasingly willing to pay a little more for a “nice” drink.

A personalized cocktail menu in three steps

The Flavour Selection website of Maxxium helps hospitality owners in various ways. Among other things, the website provides inspiration with 100 surprising cocktail recipes in order to find the perfect selection of cocktails. Then Menuez’ integrated platform ensures that entrepreneurs can order a menu directly with it in three steps.

Always a matching look

Hospitality owners can choose from three different basic designs and colors, so there is always a suitable look among them. After selecting the number of cocktails (6, 9 or 12) and the basic design, they can quickly and easily create their menu in the design that suits their own style. Once the design and cocktails have been chosen, Menuez then arranges for text verification and delivery of the durable cards. Within 10 working days, the personalized menu is on the table.

Recipe cards for perfect preparation

For some time now, Maxxium has been offering an additional service: the preparation menu card. These are special cards for behind the bar on which the ingredients and the preparation method of the cocktail are described. These recipe cards ensure that everyone behind the bar is able to prepare the perfect cocktail. Something that is no luxury given the acute staff shortage.

Enthusiastically received in the market

The fact that Maxxium has created the possibility for hospitality owners to design various cocktail cards themselves and have them printed at their own expense, has been very well received in the market. Are you curious whether the tool can also offer added value for your brand? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to share their knowledge and experience.