Optisport, operator of 400 swimming pools, ice rinks, sports halls and multifunctional sports and welfare centers spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, has placed all personalized and standard communication and marketing tools with Menuez as of January 2022. With a customized Marketing Platform, including a unique marketing calendar, Menuez will support the headquarters and all local branches in increasing visibility with a professional appearance and uniformity.

Landelijke acties met een druk op de knop lokaal door vertaaldNational campaigns translated locally at the push of a button

Through Menuez’s Marketing Platform, all Optisport location managers can easily order materials for marketing activations, for example posters, menus, clothing, flyers and online media campaigns, as well as standard stock products such as swimming certificates, wristbands. In addition, most items are customizable per location and translate to all other formats with the push of a button. And all that while maintaining the brand identity and without the head office having to worry about it.

Marketing calendar with linked weekly newsletter

To make it as easy as possible for the location managers, Menuez worked with Optisport headquarters to build a marketing calendar tool that included the important communication moments. Associated marketing materials are linked to each special day, such as Valentine’s Day, which can be personalized and ordered at the touch of a button. There is also a module built into the platform that allows all locations to receive a personalized weekly newsletter containing their own action points from the marketing calendar. We can’t make it any easier for both location managers and Optisport headquarters.

Nationwide uniform appearance guaranteed

By outsourcing the design and ordering of all marketing activities to Menuez, Optisport has the confidence that a nationally uniform look is guaranteed and more insight into local marketing activities, while location managers themselves can flexibly respond to their local strategy.

Manon Daggers, Marketing Manager Optisport “With the platform, but especially with the marketing calendar, we want to professionalize our support to all our locations in an efficient way. In this way, we are simultaneously directing and supporting the locations. We offer them more insight, convenience and flexibility, while we gain more insight into the total of all local marketing activities. By providing this central insight, we can work with the location managers to optimally coordinate all communication activities for maximum effect.”

Achieving optimal results together

Geerteke Verbaten, founder Menuez International: “The local support confirms Optisport’s professional outlook on marketing and communications. They realize better than anyone how important it is that, as head office, you take care of your location managers and at the same time offer them the opportunity to optimally increase local visibility. The calendar tool that we have developed especially for them is expected to play a very important role in this. We hope that through our collaboration and the addition of our local, on- and offline marketing expertise, we can increase the involvement of all locations and improve results.”