Outside it’s still cold and gray, but OLA and Menuez are already all set for summer. Traditionally, OLA opens the new ice cream season in January with the launch of new ice creams. From this moment on, it is also possible for entrepreneurs to personalize and order their ice cream menu(s) for free on the special Brand Management Platform that Menuez has developed for OLA.

Free personalized ice cream menu generates additional sales

Since its launch in 2020, Menuez has already delivered nearly 15,000 ice cream cards to local entrepreneurs. They have used the platform to create their own personalized OLA ice cream menu for free, and this number is expected to double by 2022. In fact, research shows that consumers are turning back to A-brands because of confidence in food safety. With impulse products, 70% of consumers go for A-brands because of trust in food safety. The Raket, the Magnum Almond and the Cornetto Classico are the most popular ice creams in the Netherlands, generate the most turnover and are also packaged

Entrepreneurs choose the format and the ice cream assortment

At Unileverpartners, entrepreneurs can choose from seven different designs based on where they place the ice cream card and on their freezer size.

Add company logo on the ice cream menu

They can then “fill” the OLA ice cream menu with their own selection of the 47 ice creams. To make it as easy as possible for the entrepreneurs, the system gives a recommendation for the optimal basic selection based on the freezer size and location. For example, the runners and the new ice creams of 2022 are already shown large on the ice cream menu and the latest Magnum is shown on the back. After selecting the format and base model, business owners can quickly and easily add their company logo and/or company name to the ice cream menu for optimal effect.

Additional promotional material

In addition to the free personalized OLA ice cream card, OLA also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to order additional promotional materials. On the online B2B platform, called Unilever Partners, entrepreneurs can easily order promotional materials and products. Furthermore, they share tips and tricks on how to increase their turnover and keep everyone informed of trends and insights.

Would you like to offer your partners this service as well?

Are you curious how you as a brand can offer personalized marketing materials to your partners as a service? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and experience.