• Customer: Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands

  • Menuez: Partner in all local POS demands

  • Channels: Out of home and supermarket

  • Need: Fulfill increased demand of businesses/entrepreneurs for personalized POS materials
  • Question for Menuez: Develop a complete solution for the creation of local (per outlet) messages like posters, table cards, menus, price lists, apparel and digital asset management. Tool needs to incorporate different authorization levels for channels/users as well as a dashboard for management and cost control.
  • Solution Menuez: A ‘closed’ Coca-Cola platform for over 200 users combined with an open Coca-Cola customer platform with info and POS materials. Check: cocacolavoorondernemers.nl.

On this platform Coca-Cola offers a overall solution for sales channels like:

Hospitality businesses

Custom-made menus, apparel and standard promotion materials.

Fast food & gas stations

‘Mealdeals’ and standardized promotion materials.

Sport venues & events

Price lists

Catering & at work venues



Local(ized) promotions


Local(ized) promotions