We are already partners with Unilever Netherlands and Belgium, and this year, we also took on responsibility for all of Unilever North America’s local online marketing activities. With a special ‘Hyper-Local strategy’, a permanent Menuez team will support Unilever North America’s brands with the design and deployment of hyper-local banner and social media campaigns. By professionalizing its online communications, Unilever aims to help its brands increase local visibility and leads.

National campaigns converted to hyper-local

Our ‘Hyper-Local strategy’ enables Unilever’s brands operating in North America, including Hellmann’s, Tazo and Pure Leaf, to easily translate national online campaigns into (hyper-)local campaigns. On a dedicated Brand Management Platform, Unilever brands can upload their national banner and social media campaigns and make them available to their local chains. Our team then ensures that the campaigns are sourced as smartly and locally as possible for the local business owner. This sourcing strategy ensures that only consumers who are in the vicinity of the local business owner see the online ad. One personalized campaign can already generate 10 million views, which will significantly increase the entrepreneur’s visibility.

Optimal targeting for maximum effect

By also outsourcing North America’s local online marketing activities to us, Unilever is guaranteed a nationwide uniform appearance and greater insight into local brand activity and media pressure, while the brands themselves are able to flexibly respond to local situations. Monica Connery, Operator Development Manager at Unilever Food Solutions, says: “After seeing the results of Menuez’ hyper-local marketing campaigns for Unilever Netherlands and Belgium in an internal presentation, we started talking about our territory. The results of the first campaigns and reactions from the local catering industry exceeded expectations. We are therefore looking forward to now deploying hyper-local bannering for the entire market.”

Keen to find out whether a ‘Hyper-Local-strategy’ can also add value to your brand? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to share their knowledge and experience.