To help bar and restaurant owners in these challenging times, an increasing number of brands such as Aperol Spritz, PepsiCo and Duvel are offering to cover the costs of QR packages. These handy packages contain a digital menu and QR stickers.

Personalized digital menu and QR stickers

Restaurant owners can order their QR package via the brand’s own Brand Management Platform. Here they can select one of four options for the design of the QR stickers and the digital menu, and if desired, add their own logo to personalize the package. They then receive standard stickers with their QR code(s), for on their tables. Through the platform, brands can also offer the option of having the QR code printed on marble, wooden or aluminum signs, and on table numbers.

Ordering and paying with the QR code

Alongside the digital menu and QR code, an ordering and payment option can also be added to the QR package. This offers convenience and speed, as well as clever upselling opportunities that can help increase average spending and throughput.

Want to know more about the digital menu and QR module?

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