In 2010, when Red Bull asked Gijs to literally place Red Bull on the map in the horeca, he did not hesitate to jump to action. The needs from the market for personalized materials from brand-manufacturers was vast, but toilsome to provide by marketing. The traditional one-size-fits-all solution caused an enormous DTP- and correction flow from entrepreneurs, representatives and marketing. Menuez filled this gap, and this is how an innocent conversation was the start of a million-euro-company.

Red Bull on the map

The idea was to develop a standard template for a menu card which, paid for by Red Bull, would be tailored for and checked and approved by the entrepreneur. There was one small thing that could not be missing on the card: a Red Bull visual. Nowadays, the cards are still successful and induced a twenty percent growth of Red Bull sales in the horeca.

Web-to-print application

Soon enough, along Red Bull, other top brand-manufacturers requested menu cards, but also requested other promotion materials such as sunshades, bean bags and banner canvas. For most individual entrepreneurs these materials are expensive to purchase. To make the process of designing and ordering these promotion materials easier and more affordable, Menuez developed a unique web-to-print application. This ensures brand-quality, while the brands have no need to keep an eye on it.

More than 50 brands worldwide

Anno 2021, the web-to-print application has transformed into a Brand Management Platform which is used by over 50 brands worldwide for organizing, managing, sharing, designing, personalizing, distributing and analyzing all local marketing materials: both offline as online.
Despite all these technological advancements, the Menuez team still checks almost every order. This personal attention and service ensures our clients that their brand-identity is always guaranteed, the budget is guarded, the design and spell check will be done, and that only products with the best quality are produced and delivered.

Give your brand the local visibility it deserves

Curious to how Menuez can provide your brand the local on- and offline visibility it deserves? Then do not hesitate to contact us, and one of our colleagues will show you how Menuez works.