With our Brand Management Platform you create a central location for organizing, managing, sharing, designing, personalizing, distributing and analyzing all your on- and offline marketing materials. A platform in your own look-and-feel, accessible for all your local partners and entrepreneurs, (field) staff, customers and colleagues.

Personalizing with one click of your mouse

Every brand, every entrepreneur and every location is unique. Yet the wishes and needs concerning local marketing and promotion show a great deal of similarities. Every entrepreneur wants to generate more revenue. To support local entrepreneurs with this, brands can provide easy access to personalized goods to the local entrepreneurs via the Menuez platform.

In the safe and user-friendly environment every can easily design and order marketing materials such as posters, table cards, menu cards, price lists, flyers, clothing and online media advertising campaigns. Every item can be personalized and changed into every other format with only one click of your mouse. As a brand this is without the need to look after it.

Personal support

The Menuez team checks almost every order. We ensure the guaranty of the brand identity, guard the budget, provide the formatting, do the spell check, take purchasing off your hands, and make sure all products are produced and delivered with the highest of qualities. Naturally we provide you as client 24/7 insight to all orders via our online dashboard, and every month you receive an extensive overview of all orders.