Consumers are increasingly looking for drinks with few or no calories, while at the same time they want flavor variety and experience. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is responding to those needs, launching three new flavors and new menus this spring to showcase its sugar-free offerings in the on-trade. Menuez then ensured that the new beverage cards were delivered and an online banner campaign provided even more local attention.

Expanding sugar-free beverage portfolio

For CCEP, responding to changing consumer preferences is always a priority.

Panelwizard research among 1.100 hospitality visitors shows that one in four guests in the hospitality industry choose sugar-free or low-calorie variants, and just over half pay attention to sugar when ordering a drink. Not surprisingly, CCEP is expanding its low and/or no-calorie beverage portfolio every year. In the on-trade they are launching no less than three new drinks this year: Coca-Cola zero sugar cherry, Fuze Tea Green Tea apple kiwi no sugar and Fanta Orange no sugar.

New menus

In order to present this to consumers in the best possible way, CCEP helps entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry in various areas. One of these is the layout of the menu, whereby the sugar-free alternatives are given a prominent place. In the new design developed in cooperation with behavioral scientists, the entrepreneurs can choose a certain positioning of the beverage selection to encourage sugar-free choices.

Adapted sales techniques

About the menu design phase, Arjan Wiertz, Director Away from Home at CCEP says the following in an interview with Misset Horeca: “When designing a new menu, we look at a so-called decision tree. This shows that guests read the menu in a certain way and we try to respond to this. For example, by offering Coca-Cola zero sugar as the first choice when ordering, we saw that the choice for the zero sugar variant increased significantly. So we know it works and are applying these sales insights into online as well.”

Order new beverage cards for free

CCEP also offers its on-trade partners to design the new drinks menus, have them printed and optionally also digitized with the help of Menuez. And all that without these entrepreneurs losing their own look-and-feel. Adapting the content of the drinks cards is just as quick and easy for the entrepreneurs as ever. In the Brand Management Platform they can open their previously ordered beverage cards and add the three new beverages, or choose the completely new design that already includes the new sugar-free and sugar-containing categories.

The Menuez team then checks each order, ensuring that the brand identity is guaranteed, the layout and text checked, and the menus produced and delivered with the highest quality materials.

Hyperlocal online banner campaign gift

To promote the new menus and motivate hospitality entrepreneurs to make the sugar-free offer more visually visible, the first 20 entrepreneurs who customized their menus received a hyperlocal online banner campaign as a gift from CCEP. The Menuez team then ensured that the content of the banner campaign was personalized in text and image and that the campaigns were sourced as smartly and locally as possible. This sourcing strategy ensured that only consumers who were in the vicinity of the local business owner saw the online ad.

Offer your partners service and convenience too

Would you, as a brand, like to offer the same service and convenience to your partners as Coca-Cola Europacific Partners does? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and experience.