Once in a while we discover a product that we immediately fall in love with. The Flag2Tag is one of those. This rotating flagboard gives any business location a cheerful and friendly appearance and is guaranteed to attract the attention of passing public.

Easy to attach – and remove – from any facade

The Flag2Tag system consists of a clever construction of aluminum and a high-quality plastic, whereby the advertising medium rotates in the wind. It is very easy to attach and remove the advertisement carrier from any facade. When you order a Flag2Tag, you will receive a unique flag pole holder so that your flag always hangs straight, but above all is easy to remove. Because of its simple flag construction, the Flag2Tag is ideal for locations that are not allowed by the municipality to place permanent facade advertising.

Personalized print

The advertising medium, a round forex plate, can be provided with a personalized print at your own discretion. Because both sides of the plate can be printed, the message is always readable, even when there is no wind. And do you want a new message in the board? No problem. The print can be changed very easily, which also makes the product very durable.

Do you also want to offer your partners a Flag2Tag?

We have designed, produced and delivered a Flag2Tag for several brands and their (hospitality) partners. The reactions when the end result hangs on the wall, are all positive. Are you curious how you as a brand can offer personalized marketing material like the Flag2Tag as a service to your partners? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and experience.