Did you know that on average, hospitality entrepreneurs use more than four menus and that 71% of these entrepreneurs change their menus two to four times a year? But due to the current circumstances, it is unfortunately not financially feasible for every entrepreneur to continue doing so. In order to support entrepreneurs in this respect, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) offers its partners to design new beverage menus at its own expense, to have them printed and, optionally, to have them digitized. And all that without losing their own look-and-feel.


In January, all entrepreneurs who received a free drink card in 2021 received the message from CCEP that they could place a re-order on the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners platform. From a triptych containing space for 12 sodas and stills, 6 mixers and 35 other products to an A4 model with space for 12 sodas and stills and 6 mixers.

User-friendly environment

Customizing the content of the beverage cards is as quick and easy for entrepreneurs as it is when formatting their first design. In the platform’s own environment, entrepreneurs can open their previously ordered beverage cards and edit the text just like a Word document. Has the new menu been implemented? Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the order button.

Personal check

The Menuez team then checks every order. We ensure that the brand identity is safeguarded, check the layout, do the text check, take care of the purchasing and ensure that all products are produced and delivered with the highest quality materials. And of course, we ensure that Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has 24/7 insight into all orders via our online dashboard and receives a comprehensive overview of all orders every month.

Offer your partners service and convenience too

Would you, as a brand, like to offer your partners the same service and convenience as Coca-Cola Europacific Partners does? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and experience.