The festival and terrace season is back in full swing in the Netherlands and that means you’ll come across Menuez’s wonderful products at numerous locations. From special Ola ice cream tickets at Concert at Sea to a beautiful outdoor Red Bull bar in front of café De Beurs in Utrecht and drinks tables/ debrasseer carts of Aperol Spritz on the most beautiful terraces in the Netherlands.

One of the highlights of the festival and terrace season is the famous Concert at Sea, a music festival that takes place annually on the Brouwersdam in Zeeland. This festival is known for its great lineup and spectacular atmosphere. This year, Menuez collaborated with Ola to create unique ice cream cards for several festivals.

But it’s not only at festivals that you’ll encounter Menuez’s products. You’ll also find our innovative designs in Utrecht’s bustling city center. Café De Beurs, located in the heart of Utrecht, for example, has chosen a beautiful outdoor bar by Red Bull, all designed and supplied by Menuez.

In addition, we can’t ignore Aperol Spritz’s cocktail tables and debrasseer carts, which are popping up more and more often on terraces throughout the Netherlands. These colorful and stylish bar tables and bars, offered by A Brand New Day and supplied by Menuez, create a lively atmosphere and invite guests to enjoy delicious Aperol Spritz cocktails. Finally, another Menuez creation frequently seen at festivals and terraces in Belgium: the PepsiCo tinplates. Made of durable material, these stylish iron plates add to the summer feeling.

Whether you’re dancing at a festival or grabbing a terrace, our products are everywhere to make the experience complete. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor bars, handy table-tools, colorful drinks tables, tin plates and refreshing ice cards – Menuez makes festival and terrace life in the Netherlands even more beautiful.