Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has placed all personalized and standard communication and marketing tools with Menuez as of March 2022. With a customized Brand Management Platform, Menuez will be able to support hospitality operators and representatives in 130 countries in increasing the visibility of the independent family brewery’s dozens of beer brands, including La Trappe, Cornet, Bavaria and Swinckels.

Easily design and order marketing materials

On the secure and user-friendly online platform, hospitality operators and representatives can easily design and order marketing materials such as beer cards. After selecting their favorite model, they can then ‘fill’ the beer cards with their own assortment of beers, whereby they can choose from over 300 different beers. Each item can also be personalised and, with the press of a button, can be converted to any other format, such as a triptych, quadruple-screen and A5 menu cards. And does the entrepreneur want to format the beer menus himself or have them created completely in his own house style? Menuez also takes care of this process, without Royal Swinkels Family Brewers having to worry about it as a brand.

Personal support

The Menuez team checks every order. We ensure that the brand identity is safeguarded, monitor the budget, arrange the financial compensation and the layout, do the text control, take care of the purchasing and ensure that all products are produced and delivered with the highest quality materials. And of course we make sure that the employees of Swinkels Family Brewers have 24/7 insight into all orders placed via the platform and receive an extensive overview and insight into all orders every month.

Training and guidance

In order to familiarize the representatives with the Brand Management Platform, physical and online kick-off meetings were organized for the representatives of all 26 brands. During these meetings we showed them step by step how to use the platform as effectively and efficiently as possible. And do they have a question, comment or request in the future? If so, the Menuez team is there for them.

Personalization while maintaining a uniform brand appearance

By outsourcing local marketing activities to Menuez, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers is confident that a uniform brand image is guaranteed. In addition, they expect to gain even greater insight into local on-trade activities, while the on-trade entrepreneurs and representatives themselves can respond flexibly to their local strategy.